Our story

The partnership aligns with its objectives, covering a wide geographical area and encompassing partners with diverse expertise. Partners were selected based on their relevance to identified needs and their capacity to address challenges at technical and political levels. They are committed to ensuring that project participation benefits their territories, fostering socio-economic development through a Responsible Research and Innovation framework.

With 10 partners from 7 countries, the consortium spans a significant portion of the EURO MED area. This collaboration facilitates the creation of common practices, generation of new knowledge, and implementation of tested tactical urbanism solutions to promote green and smart mobility. Project activities, responsibilities, and budget allocations are evenly distributed among partners.

To ensure an integrated territorial approach, partners are divided into three groups:

  1. Territorial demonstration partners: Responsible for on-the-ground implementation, including urban revitalization and sustainable mobility initiatives.
  2. Knowledge providers: Experts in specific topics related to green solutions, sustainable mobility, and energy, providing guidance and support to territorial areas.
  3. Partners with dual roles: These partners act as territorial demonstration partners while also supporting knowledge providers in their respective areas of expertise.

Balanced mix

The project consortium comprises a balanced mix of local partners, research institutions, development agencies, sectoral agencies, and NGOs, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives and expertise. Representatives from various geographical levels (local authorities, regional development agencies, research institutions) contribute to an integrated territorial approach.

The Lead Partner (LP), with extensive experience in managing EU projects in Slovenia, is supported by external experts to ensure effective project implementation. All partners demonstrate the capacity to manage transnational projects, supported by experienced colleagues and their expertise.

To guarantee the sustainability of project outcomes, partners responsible for communication, dissemination, and knowledge transfer (PP3, PP5, PP9, and LP) will disseminate project knowledge across the EURO MED AREA region. Leveraging their networks with local and regional authorities, they will facilitate communication and collaboration with replicating cities and institutions.